Album: Society love songs (2011)

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Song: Failed society

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Banditi are Idrija (Slovenia) based punk rock band formed in 2005. The band consists of Matt B (vocals), BB Bandit (guitar/vocals), Mr. AJ (guitar, vocals), Red (bass/vocals) and Fly (drums). They are mostly recognizable by their singles Nick O'Teen, Failed Society and Rad bi le.  Band has just released (in Slovenia) their debut album titled Society Love Songs. This album is also available on Apple iTunes and

Soon after the recording of their first demo tape Banditi were contacted by RTV Slovenija (the lead television and news company in Slovenia) and were offered to record their first music video for the song Nick O'Teen. This video was an instant success as it topped RTV Slovenia music video chart called Lestvica na Drugem and stayed there for the whole year and was declared the winner of the year 2007. Nick O'Teen also topped different radio charts across the state and was also aired on MTV Adria and ?arli TV. After the success of their first single they had concerts all across Slovenia and also few concerts in other European states (Italy, Austria, Poland and Croatia). On these concerts Banditi played with bands like Siddharta, Go Betty Go, Zablujena generacija,...

In 2008 Banditi started working on their debut album which was released in March 2010 by an small independent record company called Multi Records. The release of the album was accompanied by the release of their second music video for the single Rad bi le which was soon proclaimed as the fan favorite. One thing led to another and the first concert after the release of the album, which was held in Orto (Ljubljana), was sold out!